Daily Draw 13/04/12


Mice + Dog + Clouds

Mice makes an appearance again. The Dog can stand for a friend or someone that you trust.

Mice + Dog might stand for a friend who is feeling stressed or is facing a loss. Alternatively, it could mean that I will lose a friend.

Dog + Clouds confirm that this person is feeling confused. The way forward isn’t clear for them at the moment. There may well be some depression.

Mice + Clouds, despite being two of the more negative cards, here cancel each other out. The Mice are eating away at the clouds and helping to clear this confused state.

So altogether the cards point to a friend who is stressed and feeling confused but these feelings will clear soon.

Daily Draw 11/04/12


Rider + Book + Mountain

The Rider bring news. In this case the news appears to relate to whatever message is represented by the Book. The Book can stand for secrets or training and education which can make it tricky to know what it refers to.

The Mountain represents a delay or blockage. However, as it lies at the end rather than next to the rider, I don’t think the news itself is delayed. Instead the news comes, probably related to education, which then blocks something else. Further progress is impeded. Another event is going to be delayed.

Daily Draw 10/4/12


Book + Mice + Path

An interesting trio for today.

The book relates to issues of secrets or education while the mice usually signify loss.

Book + Mice makes me think of a secret or knowledge which is eating away at me.

Mice + Path suggests that there is a loss of direction resulting from this. Alternatively, the nibbling mice might well offer a short cut – a shortening journey.

Book + Path gives a choice or alternative pathway, I think this relates to training or education.

So the mice are either nibbling away positively giving me a quick route to a new path or their nibbling is causing stress and a feeling of a lack of direction. Literally, ‘I’m at a loss as to which path to take.’

Welcome to the parlour…


Welcome to my parlour!

In the best tradition of cartomancers of old, let me show you to my table, pour you some tea and throw some cards.

What will people gather from their visit to the parlour?

Home + Garden + Moon

Ah! This seems like a positive start. 🙂 It will be a welcoming place, a little like home but where people can gather together. A homely sort of community. A safe place to share emotions.

This little spread uses Lenormand cards, a form of cartomancy traditionally attributed to Mlle Lenormand. She was a French woman who is reputed to have read for Josephine and Napoleon. No one knows what type of deck she actually used, as the first ‘Lenormand’ cards appeared after her death.

That said, they are an interesting 36 card system and one I enjoy using. Most of my posts here will be using these cards although I will sometimes delve into others.

Until next time…